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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Goodbye Forever

Sometimes I stumble upon old poetry here and there.  Stuffed in an old book...written in a daydream of boredom during a lecture in a college class... in some cases (3/13/1975) reeeeaaaaallllly old ...
I wrote this jewel after a horrifying event in my life which 41 years later still gives me nightmares....

Goodbye Forever (PRP)

I held your picture in my hand ...
Your words within my heart Believing you…..
Your letter now tattered and yellow spoke of good-bye
But not of forever..

Decades now passed
Still holding your picture in my hand
Your words alive within my heart
Still believing you and in your letter bearing greater signs
of all now tattered and yellow
That it was forever.... of which you spoke
When your words spelled out Good-bye. 3/13/75

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