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Saturday, October 20, 2012


   Once upon a time...a long long time a land far far away called Florida, for a graduate project, in one of many pointless education classes (I was forced to endure)  I sought out the objectivity of the anthropologist within me to examine the current epidemic of bullying.  All through my life...(and sadly still)... I endured more than my share of bullying. As projects generally infer the need for creativity, and my creativity lies within my writing, I wrote a story. It speaks of the fear of  a young girl moving not only to a new school but to a whole new country. The young girl is moving to America. The United States is large, progressive and full of freedoms we take for granted.We enjoy freedoms and pass times that many others on our planet find hard to identify with. This young girl's fear included moving into a situation that there was no way to prepare for. She viewed herself as the perfect target for a bully. Her teacher, however, was caring, experienced and understanding. The teachers' wisdom made her pro-active and she spoke to the class ahead of the new girls' arrival to prepare them to expect differences and to answer any questions that might alleviate their mounting curiosity. This teacher knew that such a goal could be accomplished by her students learning more about the new girl. In doing so, the new girl would not have to face near as many prejudged or fearful situations.
The moral of the story turns out to be that we all have more in common than things we have different. The book is relevant to all people in all types of new situations. Taking the time to learn about others is one of the best ways to eliminate bullying. So, with the author's blessing :-).... the book has been printed here:
Could the new girl be from Mars?
by Pam  Robinson Porterfield

Alona arrived in America today.
Where she came from was far, far away.
The buildings looked different, and the food smelled so strange
“Wow” shivered Alona, "this is quite a change!"
The children wore clothes she had not seen before
And the English they spoke confused her even more
“On no” thought Alona, “I’ll never fit in.”
“I want to go home”, and she cried once again.

"Our home is here in America now,
You’ll learn to be part of this new world somehow.”
Her father smiled sweetly, but his words were dismissed.
The fears in Alona formed quite a long list!
“Look! There’s your new school” Mom said,
“You will do fine”.
“Tomorrow you’ll start so you won’t be behind.”
“Oh Mom, No matter what I may do
I’ll never make friends, My whole life is now through!.”

You’ll find that you have more in common, I think,
than things you have different”, she said with a wink.

The morning arrived much too quickly and then
Alona set out all over again.
She and her parents were heading for school.
Where strange and unknown was the SCARIEST rule.
Meanwhile, Miss DeWeerd stood up to speak.
She called the role then her voice reached a peak.
She explained that a new girl was coming today,
and that the new girl was from far, far away.

“Although she is different” she said with a wink,
“You’ll have more in common than you may think”

Far, far away?” questioned Greg with delight.
“Perhaps she arrived from a star in the night.
Or a planet, why it could even be Mars!
Where people drive spaceships instead of cars!
Sue said “She’s a mermaid and came from the sea,
Atlantis perhaps, where the dolphins swim free!
Her best friends were otters and a giant blue whale,
I can’t wait to meet her and see her fish tail!

“She could be a princess from medieval times
who rode on a dragon.” said Arthur Grimes.
“For all of these years she has been locked away
And a brave shiny knight will bring her today.”
“Oh Arthur,” said Sandy “that couldn’t be true.”
“I know what it is and you’re wrong, all of you.”
“She’s a magician with potions and spells
and all kinds of secrets that she never tells.”

“Well now children, where ever she’s from
we must welcome her warmly, when she does come”

“And you’ll find that you have more in common, I think,
Than things that are different” she said with a wink.

Alona's office visit was over and now
It was time for class....she must face this somehow.
The GIANT door opened, it gave a loud creak.
She could walk through the door, but she could not speak.
The eyes, they were peering, expressions were leering
“Oh no,”thought Alona. “It is worse than my fearing.”

Then a smile began, and it spread like a wave,
Somehow, inside, Alona felt brave.
Yes, her clothes were different, and her English was slow,
But a new hope had grown in Alona, you know.
Principal Wise sensed the way that she felt
and the words that he spoke caused her fears to all melt.

You’ll find that you have more in common, I think,
Than things you have different.” and he left with a wink.