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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Pervert, Nepotistic non-teaching Coach?

    I live in an area of Alabama where I am embarrassed to address the number of pervert coaches, teachers and their relatives who protect themselves and each other within our poorly rated embarrassment of  an education system. It's in the newspaper as often as it is covered up. (everyday).
     I grew up within a nepotistic "family" school system where my cheer-leading sponsor was married to the brother of the sister typing teacher who was married to the Football coach at the feeder high school who was the brother of the  baseball coach whose sister was the wife of the wrestling coach and was the P.E. teacher at another feeder Jr. high school???  Confused?  Naw...there are people who attended this school system with me...who remember them. I probably made friends mad by mention this, but that was never my intention. They were wonderful people, I know with all my heart they were...but there are OTHERS. There are many OTHERS I worked with...watched escorted out of my school by police... that aren't.
      Having lived in several different states and now a different part of the same state I grew up in...having taught for... hmmm  6 high schools as a science teacher with 2 masters degrees.... now.... I can not even count how many horribly immoral, perverse instances that happened in all the schools in which I taught. There were/are instances that are allowed to continue. Sandusky? (ish)???  Yep...comes to my mind...Administrators messing w/teachers, drunks, dopers..nasty emailers...cover-ups....embarassing????? It should be...and they should all be ashamed.  However more so .....The people who re-elected the double perverse local BOE who allow this to continue???   It's your for please vote for family RIGHT???? (incompetent or not)  make sure there is no one working in the system that just needs a job!!!!!!...somebody's niece is about to graduate and need that 'em...NEPOTISM RULES!
   I am glad I no longer have to keep my mouth shut or feel guilty about bringing such horrors to the attention to the sister in law or aunt of the perpertrator ... me....I remember their names...dates...and the schools I worked for...scandals they covered up...LOL... Tsk Tsk Tsk....I was black balled because I am moral, Christian, and I care and I went back to school to get another master's degree to be a motivating teacher, to train and protect our children.....ooops...sorry I'm not kin to anyone Locally so I QuIT...but...EDUCATION REFORM????  HEY I took that class in Grad school!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Bucket List

Amongst impulse and desires…. dismissed
One maintains status on my list
Your hand in mine, with no desist
And Kiss as we have never kissed.

added to the list 2012 by Pam Robinson Porterfield  :-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

More revisions on Sonnet #5

You dominate my every moment's thought 
Caress the essence of my many dreams. 
Empowerment of strength that truly seems 
Forged from an alloy life and love has wrought. 

Each day's awakening is savored through
I disregard all else in life awhile. 
to favor, rest, with simple lovers’ smile 
Embracing ecstasy secure in you. 

I meet you in the hours from purest past 
In memories and dreams of future time 
But fear and skepticism within my mind
Holds knowledge even strength of steel won’t last 

Yet dreams in heart will never cease to glow 
from fiery hopes I'll never see you go.

Pam Robinson Porterfield  (first written 1974)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


   Once upon a time...a long long time a land far far away called Florida, for a graduate project, in one of many pointless education classes (I was forced to endure)  I sought out the objectivity of the anthropologist within me to examine the current epidemic of bullying.  All through my life...(and sadly still)... I endured more than my share of bullying. As projects generally infer the need for creativity, and my creativity lies within my writing, I wrote a story. It speaks of the fear of  a young girl moving not only to a new school but to a whole new country. The young girl is moving to America. The United States is large, progressive and full of freedoms we take for granted.We enjoy freedoms and pass times that many others on our planet find hard to identify with. This young girl's fear included moving into a situation that there was no way to prepare for. She viewed herself as the perfect target for a bully. Her teacher, however, was caring, experienced and understanding. The teachers' wisdom made her pro-active and she spoke to the class ahead of the new girls' arrival to prepare them to expect differences and to answer any questions that might alleviate their mounting curiosity. This teacher knew that such a goal could be accomplished by her students learning more about the new girl. In doing so, the new girl would not have to face near as many prejudged or fearful situations.
The moral of the story turns out to be that we all have more in common than things we have different. The book is relevant to all people in all types of new situations. Taking the time to learn about others is one of the best ways to eliminate bullying. So, with the author's blessing :-).... the book has been printed here:
Could the new girl be from Mars?
by Pam  Robinson Porterfield

Alona arrived in America today.
Where she came from was far, far away.
The buildings looked different, and the food smelled so strange
“Wow” shivered Alona, "this is quite a change!"
The children wore clothes she had not seen before
And the English they spoke confused her even more
“On no” thought Alona, “I’ll never fit in.”
“I want to go home”, and she cried once again.

"Our home is here in America now,
You’ll learn to be part of this new world somehow.”
Her father smiled sweetly, but his words were dismissed.
The fears in Alona formed quite a long list!
“Look! There’s your new school” Mom said,
“You will do fine”.
“Tomorrow you’ll start so you won’t be behind.”
“Oh Mom, No matter what I may do
I’ll never make friends, My whole life is now through!.”

You’ll find that you have more in common, I think,
than things you have different”, she said with a wink.

The morning arrived much too quickly and then
Alona set out all over again.
She and her parents were heading for school.
Where strange and unknown was the SCARIEST rule.
Meanwhile, Miss DeWeerd stood up to speak.
She called the role then her voice reached a peak.
She explained that a new girl was coming today,
and that the new girl was from far, far away.

“Although she is different” she said with a wink,
“You’ll have more in common than you may think”

Far, far away?” questioned Greg with delight.
“Perhaps she arrived from a star in the night.
Or a planet, why it could even be Mars!
Where people drive spaceships instead of cars!
Sue said “She’s a mermaid and came from the sea,
Atlantis perhaps, where the dolphins swim free!
Her best friends were otters and a giant blue whale,
I can’t wait to meet her and see her fish tail!

“She could be a princess from medieval times
who rode on a dragon.” said Arthur Grimes.
“For all of these years she has been locked away
And a brave shiny knight will bring her today.”
“Oh Arthur,” said Sandy “that couldn’t be true.”
“I know what it is and you’re wrong, all of you.”
“She’s a magician with potions and spells
and all kinds of secrets that she never tells.”

“Well now children, where ever she’s from
we must welcome her warmly, when she does come”

“And you’ll find that you have more in common, I think,
Than things that are different” she said with a wink.

Alona's office visit was over and now
It was time for class....she must face this somehow.
The GIANT door opened, it gave a loud creak.
She could walk through the door, but she could not speak.
The eyes, they were peering, expressions were leering
“Oh no,”thought Alona. “It is worse than my fearing.”

Then a smile began, and it spread like a wave,
Somehow, inside, Alona felt brave.
Yes, her clothes were different, and her English was slow,
But a new hope had grown in Alona, you know.
Principal Wise sensed the way that she felt
and the words that he spoke caused her fears to all melt.

You’ll find that you have more in common, I think,
Than things you have different.” and he left with a wink.

Monday, August 27, 2012

On the loss of Smitty!

       Robert Smith...I will forever have an empty "Smitty" shaped hole within my heart. Losing someone so special is I pushed away the urge to worry and lived in a fantasy world where Smitty would survive his rapidly declining health and would live forever.  Barely 15 years of age, now that was 40 years ago, I met my forever brother by another mother "Smitty".  After a "traumatizing" move to a new house across town, for every ounce of change traumatizes a 9th grader, I noticed a house, particularly busy, bustling with beautiful boisterous boys just a few houses down the street.  I interrogated all my "new" friends, from my new high school, relentlessly...because when asked on any particular day, "relentless" could be one of those "one word descriptions" that I would choose to describe myself. At last, I discovered someone who knew him only to find out later, that I had met him before through this particular friend, a Jr. Varsity Cheerleader on my new squad. We had been friends at Aquatic Club (one of the olympic sized private membership pools) for years.  So there it was set meet the clan of new guys down the street.  Deborah Lewis (Debbo) Deonigi agreed to introduce me to the wild bunch and Smitty immediately took me under his wing.  He told me who I could date, and who I couldn't.  He accompanied us places and often watched our back and was always there and we felt safe.
     One of  his favorite stories was the surprise 18th birthday party I threw for him.  He spoke of it again the last time I ever saw him. What a bright and shining star lights up our skies...for I forever hold his image in my eyes!

IF by Rudyard Kipling

I received this on a graduation card from my mother.  I have read it and loved it, but it seems that only now, do I truly understand it.  Now, I wish I could have lived my life by these words, as she must have desired.



If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream---and not make dreams your master;
If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:.
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings---nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And---which is more---you'll be a Man, my son!
Rudyard Kipling

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Resume' Obsolete! Should social media dictate who gets the job?

    "The Truth is Out There"....seriously?

      Is it really "sane" to expect to obtain accurate and reliable research on someone by examining them via "SOCIAL MEDIA"? Is it that easy for one to just GOOGLE for a complete and in depth report on a human's life, work experiences, values and/or potential? Do intelligence gathering companies who sell the information they steal from social media sights adequately compile "the truths" about someone? What is the formula for calculating fact from fiction from social media posts, comments, photos, tags, mentions and other conflicting  information floating in cyber space.  Perhaps it has become time once again to educate users of the internet that not everything you read on the internet is TRUE!

     CNN (and perhaps others) recently reported  "The Resume' will soon be obsolete!"
Their information included using Google and the many social media sites as an easily accessible avenue to"simplify" the interview, lessen the need to "check the references" in the employment process provide a better portrayal of ones accomplishments thus creating a much BETTER employment process just by using GOOGLE! I pity the employer who believes that the internet and social media will become the place to recruit, interview and solicit personal and performance references of applicants in the future.
     Perhaps an interview search is being done....and this is being done to evaluate someone's competency as a candidate for a job?...or for documentation in their current job performance? Is it moral to seek out social media sites to check up on someone's personal activities to determine their suitability to excel in a position, determine their interests, predict their future behavior and performance based on "friend" posts and use this to determine to their livelihood?
     Just GOOGLE them?  Isn't that smart? (badly needed sarcasm inserted here) because the INTERNET is so astute at keeping people of the same name and different deeds separated, preventing untruths and vindictive comments by people of questionable character. They also excel at filtering mistypes, mistakes, misspeaks?  Prior to internet access mistakes in one's "permanent record"  required hard work. It was the days of snail mail in an old fashion paper clip world. Regardless of such difficulty, I  found it necessary to dispute my own NAME countless times and sending paper work to disassociate myself from people whom others had attached to my GOOD NAME. People, I never knew nor ever heard of. Suddenly I was shown living places I had never been, with names which had "shown up" as family, neighbors or former employers on my credit report.  I was even saddled with a bad credit rating from someone with a "close but not identical" former name. This Pam was even connected to different social security number was obviously a different person yet they insisted it was me? How did that even happen?  I had even paid this Pam's bill 3 times hoping she'd just go away...the third and final payment was made by my husband, yet the bill kept popping back up over and over.  7 years, $1400.00 and his deep male voice later. AT&T (the debt collector) finally listened, checked into this "previous name" and APOLOGIZED!  Personally, I would have preferred my money back! How could someone else s idiocy be allowed to continue to plague an innocent? It was a difficult process back then...look at the ease of internet access today!  Again, I forgot, incompetence is only annoying not damaging and the internet lists only truth?
      I care about this topic because I am unemployed. What about my resume'? Having been adversely affected by America's loss of interest in seasoned and experienced educators, I have remained unemployed over 2 years now and have resorted to funneling through ALL my former bags of varying tricks to obtain gainful employment in many different fields where my Higher Education Degrees and my personal experiences would deem me competent, Yes, I have reached out on the internet to seek such a brave new world. I did indeed "boldly go where no generation had gone before" into this cyber-wonderland. It's true! So Go ahead... just GOOGLE  "the truth is out there" or is it more than truth or less than truthful?
      If the resume' with it's correct names, information and education should be rendered obsolete, I must admit a need to  press "enter" with a bit more caution. After such a disturbing inference by CNN I have become greatly disturbed.   I have seen Facebook friends that I have known for decades lower their guard and post things in anger, elation and perhaps in emotional response that perhaps they did not quite thought all the way through....and others have clicked the defamatory "Like" to something they found humorous or even something that seemed to make sense, or appear self-explanatory at the time...Later however, when reviewed or when read by others the written word simply did not reflect the intonations, allusions, metaphors or communicate the intended message at all!  I have truly learned nothing is 100 percent correct, Homonyms and hyperbole are REAL be afraid of the written word! Unlike vampires within the "Twilight" written words exist to shine embarrassingly where somethings truly are eternal....... via e-mail, social media or the internet. Perhaps, there should be an "oops my bad" hot link with which one could apologize after offending someone or a "I had no idea my action would permanently impact your livelihood and reduce you to near poverty?".... when one had absolutely no intent to do so!
        Be careful America! From now on the internet is not ours. In all our current and future postings let us not slip up, let down our guard...accidently press "REPLY TO ALL" in an e-mail nor underestimate the fierceness of and forget due acknowledgment to  "auto-correct" for its outstanding ability for humiliation! That thing has sent even my husband into a quandary.  Embarrassing side note, did you know or forget that Spell check is impotent against the power of homonyms, hyperbole and other real words you  mistype?  So, Cautiously, press enter, it may cost you a job.
      "You have been tagged in a photo!" One's normal response is OMG! So, let's flip through a visual trip through the album's of social media. Does a picture paint a 1000 words?  Obviously some speak volumes, but what about the vast majority?  Perhaps they just tell part of the story.  My father, a WWII Veteran from the US Navy, truly had "seen it all".  He would have said..
" Hold your horses, There are two sides to every story, even on a photograph!"  What an excellent piece of prose to ponder for those who heavily participate in social media choosing to take literally every sloven word as "correct" yet  failing to take themselves as seriously as those lurking and can't wait to embarrass and destroy the delicate psyche of others.  Sadly, it is true that people maliciously send pics with hopes of them spreading viral. Sent with catastrophic results, some have ruined many a political career or pathetic means of someone simply wishing to earn enough money to keep a roof over their head.  Oh NO NO! Let it not be said, there are people posting on the internet who LIE, posting and tagging innocent (yet appearing as compromising photos) in MALICE, or that some users have mastered Photo-shop!..... or pre-meditated a carefully crafted post that would end up causing the loss of someone's job, relationship or precipated a suicide!  Also, has it occurred to anyone that our 15 year olds are becoming a generation of  exhibitionists and  blackmailing paparazzi's? Google some of those pics.  The mother and Anthropologist in me does indeed feel a need for concern.  They are too young to understand implications of such life-long and permanent damage.
     Even within Youtube comments one becomes vulnerable to hostile assault and access by the whole world ..(because you like the Beatles better than the Stones?) oh let's just say its almost equivalent to a life within a "fish bowl". It should make one feel exposed and extremely uncomfortable. I have been accused of being too private to the point of agoraphobic, too passive, too eager to please, too helpful, too vocal, too opinionated LOL or too much this... not enough that....definitely NEVER enough of this or that or something. I remember such scrutiny before in a pathetic real job "fish bowl" fed by new grad paranoid egomaniac's. I once swam complacently while pursuing a new career unaware that comments, and "likes" would quickly humiliate me into series of self- revelations.Where do they make fun of employees and humiliate them by referring to them as FISH IN A FISHBOWL! ... you'll never find that out from me if one day the "Truth is out there" it didn't come from me... BUT Could you find out the REAL TRUTH if you GOOGLE ME! I'll tell you now, I loved working at Sea World of Florida!  It was the best job I ever was blessed to spend 5 years doing and I regret ever leaving there to pursue an MA and teach public school. NOW, that I made that visibly plain, Sorry if  and when Google seemingly appears a bit light on information, negative actions and lacks misleading photos. I am truly am so straight laced I haven't even had a speeding ticket since 2002.  My only regrets lie in the many things I WISH I had done but refused to do because of my own self imposed morality. Those regrets lie within my heart and are not to be found on the internet [HINT] Good advice.
      Unless you are mind reader or I have previously explained what each and everyone of my LIMITLESS poetry collection truly means, I'm pretty sure your wrong. The 70's and 80's were a great time, I wish I would have chosen a braver, more fun, ambitious path. As I observe today's youth flagrantly and unabashedly posting all over social media it looks fun and sometimes I think I blew it. However, I worry for most of them, others I hope drown in that condoned corporately cultural "fish bowl". However, as my parents suggested, I lived to be able to look myself in the eye every morning and those of everyone else I have ever met as well, My parents believed, living such a life would lead to true harmony and happiness. They prayed that I would never ashamed of what I would see in the mirror or who I became. I hope my own children continue to live their lives in such wisdom from their Grandparents.
       GOOGLE YOURSELF! Today, is not the mirror you should fear.  It's tomorrow's notification that  "a pic of you has been tagged." or "you have been mentioned in a post by Sir Spams Alot" or his friend whom you can not imagine. The post you make is not your own!  Be careful it is a cyber jungle out there.  The job market is tight and competition is fierce enough to bring lies out of the mouths of FB friends...Do not follow, walk beside your friends.  It is for these reasons and the fact that I have value ......and that I have values (along with the need of a job)..that I just bow out of Facebook...or....Twitter or........ maybe NOT.  It's too late anyway my footprints are everywhere ...Google me....I guarantee the boring part is true.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Right and Wrong - A Debate in Defense of "Sitting on the Fence"

A debate in defense of “Sitting on the Fence”   PRP

Words of wisdom, unwelcome and panged
Ravage my brain; both clawed and fanged.
Simple black and white, no shades of gray
Yes - no; right – wrong, no debate please, today.

A holiday to nowhere is sitting on the fence,
No sojourn, no battle, no life- learned experience.
One teeters unsteady when pushed to soon choose
For the wrong side of the fence protects too much to lose.

Astraddle the fence still wedged between choices
Time’s passage exposes many new voices.
Some right and some wrong, astride new situations
Strongholds grow weaker with credible citations.

Gray skies, gray lies expose worlds of compromise
So right remains right but wrong “left” in my eyes.
What once appeared clear, while sitting on the fence
Blurs with time, confusion and discernible pretense.

Yet, history forewarns circumstance may prevail
To mar vivid lines shifting bright into pale
Where white fades to black and yes/no makes no sense
Yet I find myself daily still sitting on the fence.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Point Most Taken

I wonder at what point, the point most taken, becomes mistaken.....
and when pointed to the pointed effort evermore.
Remains in silence, though the truth lay bare and shaken  ...... prp

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The most precious gift....The Child within your heart

The most precious gifts are those with whom we were blessed to share our lives.  Family, friends, co-workers, teachers, mentors....even those whom you simply encounter and are given an opportunity to show and share what is best in you.  Too often it is the worst in us that others experience.  Sometimes...thoughtless acts negatively effect a life for as long as they live.  I know this to be true as it is something I have experienced, mainly because I believed I should always trust...and turn the other cheek..When I did and it was perceived as weakness I often experienced another slap....Once it accountant whose ill feelings caused her to act irrationally and irreparably effected my checkbook, another a new teacher with whom I shared, and for whom I cared hoping to see her succeed.....just to have her insecurity strike out and cost me my livelihood.  Also as ridiculous as it sounds someones inability to forgive a mistake I made keeps affecting me today.  I suppose some misunderstandings are never understood. 

Within a family however, memories fade, faces of loved ones are forgotten as the generations separate by years and decades...and though we love those we lose forever, it is our Children who never fully understand their place in their parents heart. Each one is different, unique and forever the most important part of who you are and who you, as an adult, become.  The control a child can exert, the pain they inflict they do not see .. No one believes in you more than your parents. Daddys' love exists within a noble need to protect, provide and aid, but its a mother who nurtured you in the womb, bore the pain to give you life, who truly sees you the way no one else ever could. No one is more proud when you succeed.  No one hurts more for you when things go wrong.  A mother will sacrifice, plan for you, they can see through you, past your faults into your miracles.  Often what a Mother endures, barters, reliquishes on a childs' behalf remains a secret...  for childhood slips away so fast a Mother never wants time to be marred with the mundane, her sacrifices or her own sorrows. 

It is the letting go by the mother....that is the most noble.  It leaves a hole in her heart that never heals...never goes away.  But all baby birds must fly...each one with their own style...and each Mother dealing with those new found wings in the only way that particular Mother can.  They just hope its been a successful preparation and as childhood transitions into adulthood, the children remember their journey.and appreciate a mothers sacrifices..and the fact that a mother that would have laid down her own life for life to be everything their children hoped it would be.  Mothers' wisdom is there for you, even when she isn't. Her gifts, sacrifices and love never go away, even when the child does not recognize it as such.  The time will come when the skies will be clear and that rainbow will grace the sky and you will understand all of this .....and even if it is too late to tell your Mother you are sorry, or thank her for some newly discovered revelation she imparted in the past,  for she is long gone ...don't forget she was human too...and no matter what the circumstances.....would never love you less.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Change Regretable

Change Regretable                         (PRP)

Heaven knows I loved you.
There are some things we cannot change.

It was in a time I could reach out and touch you –
feel you stand, warm beside me,
watching the sun transform the color of your eyes.
There are some things… we would never want to change.

Excitement was strong, emotions intense, there were moments I felt invincible….
I sensed your love, but could never quite grasp it.
Perhaps, if I could have stretched a little farther, leaned a little lower, lunged a bit faster
Perhaps then, I could have clutched and still be holding on.
What we would not give to see some things change?.

Tomorrow came as it always does and I
Never believing there would be the need for change –
Watched helplessly as a new world evolved around me
My life turned a new season, cold and dark.
I lost you, lost your warmth; I lost the sunlight shimmer of your eyes.
Would that I could have held you,
In painted youthful colors I hoped would grace the pallet of all my todays
Clinging to my dreams, those dreams, forever….missed.
Now I shall always miss them

That is the one thing I know will never change…

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Within the Dark

Forever missed.

Amongst impulse and  desires…. dismissed
One maintains status upon my list
Your hand in mine, with no desist
And Kiss as we have never kissed.   (PRP - 1972)

Monday, June 11, 2012

3 River Petroglyphs site

Three Rivers Petroglyphs site......New Mexico!

Broken  (PRP  2012)

Every step we take.. path we choose or decision that may have begun as impulse or dare,
Everywhere we glance, underneath the smirk, the frown, the seemingly simple smile from an inner dialogue to which no one will ever fall privy
There are particles of play and plans with purpose from pieces of puzzling people who all prepared the world one progressive promise at a time.

We pass it all by, in disregard, trump it with a hapless card we draw…or discard… hoard them with our hopes.... perhaps bury them in a mason jar…in a forgotten yard
Until in love... the collectors come back….
and try to understand what it was that left us scattered and broken, because they want to put us back together again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bittersweet Diversity, The Anniversary

Here's to Jim and all our inexorable ghosts, I love you... (copyright 2012 "Seasons of Southern comfort" by Pam Robinson Porterfield.)

Bittersweet Diversity, The Anniversary

Once a year…once again…once more it surfaces temporal. as the tides.
Somewhere within time, another weathered winsome holiday swells
and recedes within a reticent heart.

Not all remember each of them, not everyone can….. not every year.
Nor will all who celebrate successfully…..
brave the obligatory waltz of unwelcomed waves
Relentlessly inundating those unprepared within its ocean of unpredictable emotion.

Some stand steadfast, safely at a distance to seemingly savor the sweetness of a simple shore
and share the swift sea breeze of a smile.

Others tantalize with a tasty toast, to a tethered time that cannot be shaken loose
Such a clinging cruise shall always seem to surface selfishly somewhere…
lingering as christening champagne on a maiden maritime voyage…. at an anniversary…

Then there are those whose memories crave a complete corporal creation
An attempt to reanimate forevermore…
A balancing ballast to ever last …….floating their momentous memories….
bottled and tossed ......

An anachronistic sacred secret to be labeled and landlocked once more,
within a safely shared surge - relived once again in the sweetness of a safe, simple tsunami smile…..

Thus creating another anniversary.

PRP 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Trinkets and Memories

Trinkets of a lifetime .....PRP (2012)

My old wooden box still holds a treasure here or there,
A scratched up Beatles' single and a lock of mother’s hair,
The broken chain I yanked in two as I jerked it off my wrist
My Love beads, a silver cross, and a scribbled Christmas list.

An ancient fading paper chain from old time chewing gum,
Now if you really want memories?.. I bet that thing swallowed some.
There is my broken ballerina who lost a leg when I was 10!
I spent 3 long hours, teary eyed to make her whole again.

Trinkets of a life time …………
Carefully kept and heaven spent
Amongst them all I found your picture
with a scent of peppermint.

Friday, May 4, 2012

In the Loss of Bruce Bethune

In the Loss of Bruce Bethune  (PRP  2010)

You hid amongst the public places –so I looked within the lonely faces
Knowing you were near and I wanted you to know – just wanted you to know
I still think of you

You laughed at the rain and danced through your pain
I knew you were running and It seems so insane because I
I just wanted to see you- just to see you
I still think of you

I knew there was nothing that I could mend or a word of comfort I could send
But all my life you had been near and I always felt you  here
You are in my blood, graze the dreams that I send, you are my family not my friend
And even now, in the end…. I  still think of you….always  think of you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Walk with Wisdom

A Walk with Wisdom

Winsome Words with which to Unwind……………
A calming balm for a troubled mind
Seek to listen, ponder and find
The world with its worries lagging behind.

PRP  4/25/2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Seasons of Southern Comfort" by Pam Robinson Porterfield

My latest poetry/memoir is ready to order. Written from southern style life as memories, analogies and lessons learned with contemporary twists and allusions that can only be shared through experience and alot of living. Perfect for comfort, sharing and reflection straight from my heart to yours.

Seasons of Southern Comfort
Authored by Pam Robinson Porterfield, Cover design or artwork by Louis Nugent

List Price: $9.95
ISBN-13: 978-1470092320 
ISBN-10: 1470092328
Also available on Kindle and e-stores available free for Amazon Prime Members

BISAC: Poetry / Women Authors

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Of Alabama Winters

Through the day it grows warmer, the winter coat unneeded
Warnings of weather are often unheeded
The sun is shining....dormant grass glistens gold
Through humidity and wind another saga is told.

The rains pierce the air, to the sirens' shrill sound
the lightning cracks, hail beats the ground
the lights sweep out... daylight drains to night
in a vacuum of silence fear swirls into fright

The sky screams in alarm, but the herald is late
The damage is done, in the dark all await
Catatonic shock, rasping gasps for air,
ozone overwhelms those surviving there.

100 year oaks twisted, toppled and drowned
debris from countryside litters the ground.
Peace arrives then the panic ensues
Of Alabama Winters tantamount news.