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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Right and Wrong - A Debate in Defense of "Sitting on the Fence"

A debate in defense of “Sitting on the Fence”   PRP

Words of wisdom, unwelcome and panged
Ravage my brain; both clawed and fanged.
Simple black and white, no shades of gray
Yes - no; right – wrong, no debate please, today.

A holiday to nowhere is sitting on the fence,
No sojourn, no battle, no life- learned experience.
One teeters unsteady when pushed to soon choose
For the wrong side of the fence protects too much to lose.

Astraddle the fence still wedged between choices
Time’s passage exposes many new voices.
Some right and some wrong, astride new situations
Strongholds grow weaker with credible citations.

Gray skies, gray lies expose worlds of compromise
So right remains right but wrong “left” in my eyes.
What once appeared clear, while sitting on the fence
Blurs with time, confusion and discernible pretense.

Yet, history forewarns circumstance may prevail
To mar vivid lines shifting bright into pale
Where white fades to black and yes/no makes no sense
Yet I find myself daily still sitting on the fence.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Point Most Taken

I wonder at what point, the point most taken, becomes mistaken.....
and when pointed to the pointed effort evermore.
Remains in silence, though the truth lay bare and shaken  ...... prp