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Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Time

IF TIME is the 4th dimension...I will meet you once again... light years in space.

We will radiate in the heavens with our dark energy...draw out our many mistakes with the gravity of our passion

And blaze until time stops its travel....and the final ember fades....


ISBN-10: 1463638914 "Cross My Heart"

  TODAY I finished my review and gave it a Thumbs up...its far from perfect but then so am I.
..But I DID IT!

The Word Unspoken

How would one know if they would change the world
By the deed undone
the song left unsung
The wind chime not shaken
or a step never taken?

How could one know they assuage such change
through the dreams they dismiss
A final kiss
hopes that fell and swept away ....unbroken...
or with the only word they left unspoken?