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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I lost a dear friend recently.  A friend who knew well my faults, my loves, many secrets and shared much of my disappointment and success.  I never really got to say good bye...or a final thank you for being my friend....and taking that time, which for her turned out to be scarce and limited, .....and the energy that one offers when giving their love and friendship.

Thank you Heather Vaughn, for the memories, the smiles, the laughs...the many questions you asked that I had no youthful answers for.  Perhaps you have you answers now....  R. I. P. and one day I will rejoin you in the Sea...and perhaps we'll rediscover Atlantis together....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deeper thoughts on Consequences

Once upon a time there was a gifted young lady who started a business that began to do very well.  The said young lady hired a book keeper to help run the business by taking care of accounts receivable, payable, taxes and payroll et.  The book keeper felt her role was very significant and believed that she had built herself an indispensible role within the business and had become critical for its continued success.  However, the business was a service business and the owner, an artist. It was the desire of her foundation and talent that was the draw for the services rendered.  The quality of the product she produced was far superior to the competition. 

A couple of years into the business, the upswing continued...But the relationship between the book keeper and business owner had strained for various reasons the primary being the fact that the book keeper could not justify the quantity of hours worked and/or needed to complete the book keeping services. The owner begin to question the expenses and felt taken advantage of.   So, the book keeper became very vindictive.  She called the IRS, and being an accountant knew just what to do and say to cause an audit, a freeze on the business owners business and personal assets and eventually caused the business to have to close after only 5 years.  The Business owners credit was ruined. Her family was severely impacted financially, they were forced to over pay for loan sharks just to drive a car, and even work 4 jobs between the woman and the man to support their two children.  They went through years of suffering..years of harassment from the IRS.  It took over 20 years to get the tax lien off of her credit. This action literally ruined her life, eventually destroyed her marriage and changed the route of the whole families future. 

Was this jealousy?  Was the outcome deserved?  What could have been was never achieved and the actions of one bitter co-worker destroyed the entire future of another....and impacted the lives of a family.  Hate is a bitter card to play....and vengence is one game everyone should walk away from. 

That was almost 30 years ago...the vengence of that one book keeper broke the hearts of creating....then reporting a tax problem to purpose hurt someone else.  HOW SAD! 

People need a chance....don't sweat the little things....walk away...Only you can find your place in the sun...step out of the shade...move around till you find it....but don't block someone elses sunshine with your shadow...We only have this one but most importantly let others have their chance at life as well....I wouldn't want to be the book keeper when she finds out ...her Choice of action
affected adversely  the life of soooo many.....and yes...there is such thing as TOO LATE....

Where does all the bitterness come from...?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deep Thoughts about the notable change in Corporate Cultures' adverse effect on the American economy?

    As the Baby Boomers retire, step aside and hand their world over to Gen X (Y and Z) the cultural anthropologist in me can not help but realize the obvious change in work attitude, ethics, lack of loyalty, confidentiality and respect for one another.... as well as authority. The Puritan work ethic has morphed into more of a stab in the back, tattle tail, bite the hand that feeds you.. coupled with a strange sort of competitive paranoia experienced by the younger generations...... especially when an older co-worker exhibits a wisdom that only time can bestow..(then they "the young ones" whisper ill and hateful words behind the old man or woman's back)....odd...

HAS our over endulgement and sense of entitlement led our children to believe that the 2 cars in a garage and a chicken in every pot should be Ferrari's?..... and the chicken? a Cornish Hen for each dinner guest?  Perhaps the reason is that it is only now,  in their young adult hood, that they finally learn the life lessons like "Some children are left behind" and perhaps for a good reason....just maybe it only appears they are left behind because their own heart led them in another direction, or their true talent lies somewhere within the dust of the "arts in education" budget cuts, most of which were transferred to eager paper pushers, instinctively stabbing each other in the back for the valued "budget dollars" diverted to "SPECIAL education" so no one is "left behind"... way to chase your tail!

    Perhaps that's why the unemployment rate is so high...we all must conform within the bell curve of the latest trend in education and societal reform and that's where the jobs aren't?   ......  Cookie Cutter education? A misunderstood, redefined Corporate Culture....A Global economy with an identity crisis? Is there a connection?  

     We scream we are all better because of diversity!....then lets be Diverse!  We are all the best ....  at what we love most!   John, Jill, James, Joan, Jane and Julius....will never be identical...lets "let go" they can find their way.... It is our job as parents, mentors, bosses, simply point to the door...They are the only ones who can walk through it.

    "T'is the time in our lives when most of the longer accepts us as we are....we've relentlessly spun in circles for ....revolving, rotating,....evolving, notating... that all around us has been replaced with a future that we conceived, birthed, raised and retired into the hands of our children who can not relate to concepts of invention that created us, it and them."      Pam Robinson Porterfield

Monday, September 19, 2011


TODAY, I MET AN EXTREMELY CONDESCENDING, RUDE AND DOWNRIGHT HATEFUL WOMAN.  I WOULD (a- hemmm, I won't yell anymore) ..... assume...according to her demeaner...I am not the only one who feels this way about her.... I hope that I ....and I will strive harder from this moment foward to live my life so that no one will ever have to experience the unpleasant and upsetting emotions she created in me.  It is true...we plant what we sow...AND to quote John Lennon "Instant Karma's gonna get you" I now lay my broken heart and wounded spirit down at the feet of the Almighty Healer and press on .....   even though I'd like to be pressing out her mean wrinkly spirit with a hot iron on an ironing board....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Time

IF TIME is the 4th dimension...I will meet you once again... light years in space.

We will radiate in the heavens with our dark energy...draw out our many mistakes with the gravity of our passion

And blaze until time stops its travel....and the final ember fades....


ISBN-10: 1463638914 "Cross My Heart"

  TODAY I finished my review and gave it a Thumbs up...its far from perfect but then so am I.
..But I DID IT!

The Word Unspoken

How would one know if they would change the world
By the deed undone
the song left unsung
The wind chime not shaken
or a step never taken?

How could one know they assuage such change
through the dreams they dismiss
A final kiss
hopes that fell and swept away ....unbroken...
or with the only word they left unspoken?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Cross My Heart" by Pam Robinson Porterfield

My first book of poetry is in the publishing process...I'm awaiting my printed copy for final proofing and then it's off to the Masses.  It will be available through Amazon and its subsidiaries as early as Mid-August...

Order your copy ASAP!

 Cross my Heart is a montage of my original poetry, written in a variety of styles meant to reacquaint one to the emotional passion that can accompany a "Promise".  Whether it is a "Promise" kept or one of the many which were broken, the human emotion is never left unaffected. Yet every human culture continues to maintain resolute faith in this priceless concept.
For Generations, children have affirmed the sincerity of their intent by reciting the age old axiom "Cross my heart and hope to die, Stick a needle in my eye".  Through the color of language I have always sought to explore the passion and emotional implications of a promise. Every reader will find something within these writing to enrich, enlighten or renew their faith in a simple promise and NOW.....leaving you with those timeless words… "I cross my heart".

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Words Written upon Water

Pam Robinson Porterfield   2011 
The Cahawba River
Where the river relentlessly crashes and splashes ....

Playfully teasing the resolute, solemn rocks,

At such a time the sun rains drops of gold…bathing the sapphire sky in shades of gray

……….Throw my ashes to the sea,

So I may float as “words written upon water"

Perhaps I’ll ramble once more as Runes of old… or as a language lost….
The ineffable remnants of All that still stirs within my heart …unspoken
Mirroring a mockery now, an impracticable riddle as
hope unfurls as Pirouettes within a vortex.
Its message somehow mutates, in a turn of a phrase…
movement of such a fragile time carrying a simple rhyme….
My Words written upon water

Lines from a latter lyric hover in brevity
And listlessly recants a liturgical dance,
In a hurricane trance and the hurry of gravity
Forever a rhyme…of that moment in time
when my own eyes were reflective pools
and my words glistened like diamonds
All that possessed me trickled with irony
within the dissolute words written upon water.

Mere reflections….. they have been hence,
Sprinkled succinctly out of sequence
in cryptic signals of silent secret smiles and many miles of languid decadence.
Old times and old ways…Overshadowed with an eerie haze …….
on these the static days, of blue and grays
that carry a jumble of meaningless utter, these words written upon water.

The true meaning I believed, one of you would understand.
It was to you I reached my hand.  
At my fingertips musings such as these flamed as fire…
I crossed their ashes carefully upon your forehead.  
In the hourglass raged a raffish pyre
Ceremonial ashes…. never sand…. A slipping symphony through the hand..
to put at rest another dream atop the aimless  rushing stream.

Most of yesterday appears today forever in limbo or lost in spray…
While hapless hopes never stray
but for an instance as stone will lay … as words written upon water..

So while once shimmering in sunlight and drawing pale in rain
Reflecting bright in summers, words like rainbow beams refrain
From the far far below….the monochrome snow.
An ephemeral speech is etched, however, brief, gray, blue or sketched
May it bring solace to you
As ashes spread closer and closer to the rivers end let them not they merely send
This epistle for the eye back to the sky…..
Or let snow or sleet from a rain imply,
It has taken it’s hand To loosen the sand so it may saunter on downstream into a new dream.

Saturated, the ages drip from your sodden tongue
They fall again, from the sky
They melt in the sun
Combust as compassion
Blaze with desire
Creep As tears from the eye
pour from a cup and quench a fire
Absorb into new life further downstream…
So ….Where the river relentlessly crashes and splashes
Playfully teasing the resolute, solemn rocks,
At such a place as this…
when the sun rains drops of gold…and bathes the sapphire sky with  shades of gray
…..Throw my ashes to the sea

When the wind spins the romance mixing words with wantonness
Don’t miss the chance to dance as the ashes……
dive naked into the chill
live and always feel
the meaning of the words written upon the water………..
If any are left who understand the journey I choose to the sea from my land
Carry all that was meaning carefully in hand and Speak it…. let me live again
So I too may always float  as words written upon water.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thoughts on Children

Until you hold children of your are far too critical of your own is only at that moment one can truly understand the vulnerable frailty of mortal human weakness.

Communication lines of sight

The illusions seized behind these eyes
sense more than rainbow colors of visible light.


I covet a moment, lost somewhere in the wrinkles of time, when the fingers of my mind could have held the secrets of your heart and studied their elements for traces of me. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just walk away

Just take this time and walk away
there are no words I've left to say
your ears are deaf and your heart is blind
and you never listened any way

PRP ........................... 1974