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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Of Alabama Winters

Through the day it grows warmer, the winter coat unneeded
Warnings of weather are often unheeded
The sun is shining....dormant grass glistens gold
Through humidity and wind another saga is told.

The rains pierce the air, to the sirens' shrill sound
the lightning cracks, hail beats the ground
the lights sweep out... daylight drains to night
in a vacuum of silence fear swirls into fright

The sky screams in alarm, but the herald is late
The damage is done, in the dark all await
Catatonic shock, rasping gasps for air,
ozone overwhelms those surviving there.

100 year oaks twisted, toppled and drowned
debris from countryside litters the ground.
Peace arrives then the panic ensues
Of Alabama Winters tantamount news.