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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Daddy wiped the tears and kissed my head
Solemnly he finally said
"no one is too young for a broken heart
True love grows bolder as we live and grow older"

He took my quilt, tightly covered me up
"The problem is, puppy love
... is  real to the pup!"       prp

Trinkets of a lifetime .....PRP (2012) 

My old wooden box still holds a treasure here or there,
A scratched up Beatles' single and a lock of mother’s hair,
The broken chain I yanked in two as I jerked it off my wrist
My Love beads, a silver cross, a scribbled Christmas list.

An ancient fading paper chain from old time chewing gum,
Now if you want some memories?.. I bet that thing swallowed some.
There ‘s my broken ballerina who lost a leg when I was 10!
I spent 3 long hours, teary eyed to make her whole again.

Trinkets of a life time …………
Carefully kept and heaven spent
Amongst them all I found your picture
and the scent of peppermint.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why did Santa Choose Reindeer as his primary means of transportation?


have always fascinated me...but Reindeer who fly? 

Now that's a character that ranks right up with Pegasus in my book.  I Suppose Santa would have to choose the hearty, cold weather enduring Reindeer, indigenous to the North Pole, over let's say..hmmmm...

The Pegasus! Could it be that everyone knew Reindeer were readily available in his neck of the glacier and semi-domesticated. Whereas, rounding up "8 miniature" Pegasus might pose serious problems with weather and ultra Horselike intelligence and all. How about Unicorns?  Oops I momentarily forgot Unicorns don't fly,

Dragons Dragons Fly!... oops They might be tempted to hoard all the Christmas goodies and "Light a fire"  and who wants to hit a angry Dragon with a long, tall , double shot from a fire extinguisher?

So that leaves Reindeer vs Pegasus..  Pegasus are so lovely, graceful and .... and ..however, there is that whole "Zeus possessiveness of his personal herd of Pegasus(es) ???"  issues and all. I'm sure that wouldn't end happily ever after.  But, then he is Santa Claus couldn't he just "sit right down and write himself a letter?"... hmmmm .... I guess Santa doesn't have a Santa Claus to bring him presents on Christmas Eve now does he? 

So Reindeer it is and as for flying?  I guess that was something that took Santa's veterinarian geneticists Elves some serious time and hard work.  Ho, Ho Ho!  Aren't you glad it all came together so nicely? thoughts on the "How does Santa Deal with the "No Chimney" problem?