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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Pervert, Nepotistic non-teaching Coach?

    I live in an area of Alabama where I am embarrassed to address the number of pervert coaches, teachers and their relatives who protect themselves and each other within our poorly rated embarrassment of  an education system. It's in the newspaper as often as it is covered up. (everyday).
     I grew up within a nepotistic "family" school system where my cheer-leading sponsor was married to the brother of the sister typing teacher who was married to the Football coach at the feeder high school who was the brother of the  baseball coach whose sister was the wife of the wrestling coach and was the P.E. teacher at another feeder Jr. high school???  Confused?  Naw...there are people who attended this school system with me...who remember them. I probably made friends mad by mention this, but that was never my intention. They were wonderful people, I know with all my heart they were...but there are OTHERS. There are many OTHERS I worked with...watched escorted out of my school by police... that aren't.
      Having lived in several different states and now a different part of the same state I grew up in...having taught for... hmmm  6 high schools as a science teacher with 2 masters degrees.... now.... I can not even count how many horribly immoral, perverse instances that happened in all the schools in which I taught. There were/are instances that are allowed to continue. Sandusky? (ish)???  Yep...comes to my mind...Administrators messing w/teachers, drunks, dopers..nasty emailers...cover-ups....embarassing????? It should be...and they should all be ashamed.  However more so .....The people who re-elected the double perverse local BOE who allow this to continue???   It's your for please vote for family RIGHT???? (incompetent or not)  make sure there is no one working in the system that just needs a job!!!!!!...somebody's niece is about to graduate and need that 'em...NEPOTISM RULES!
   I am glad I no longer have to keep my mouth shut or feel guilty about bringing such horrors to the attention to the sister in law or aunt of the perpertrator ... me....I remember their names...dates...and the schools I worked for...scandals they covered up...LOL... Tsk Tsk Tsk....I was black balled because I am moral, Christian, and I care and I went back to school to get another master's degree to be a motivating teacher, to train and protect our children.....ooops...sorry I'm not kin to anyone Locally so I QuIT...but...EDUCATION REFORM????  HEY I took that class in Grad school!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Bucket List

Amongst impulse and desires…. dismissed
One maintains status on my list
Your hand in mine, with no desist
And Kiss as we have never kissed.

added to the list 2012 by Pam Robinson Porterfield  :-)