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Monday, May 7, 2012

Trinkets and Memories

Trinkets of a lifetime .....PRP (2012)

My old wooden box still holds a treasure here or there,
A scratched up Beatles' single and a lock of mother’s hair,
The broken chain I yanked in two as I jerked it off my wrist
My Love beads, a silver cross, and a scribbled Christmas list.

An ancient fading paper chain from old time chewing gum,
Now if you really want memories?.. I bet that thing swallowed some.
There is my broken ballerina who lost a leg when I was 10!
I spent 3 long hours, teary eyed to make her whole again.

Trinkets of a life time …………
Carefully kept and heaven spent
Amongst them all I found your picture
with a scent of peppermint.

Friday, May 4, 2012

In the Loss of Bruce Bethune

In the Loss of Bruce Bethune  (PRP  2010)

You hid amongst the public places –so I looked within the lonely faces
Knowing you were near and I wanted you to know – just wanted you to know
I still think of you

You laughed at the rain and danced through your pain
I knew you were running and It seems so insane because I
I just wanted to see you- just to see you
I still think of you

I knew there was nothing that I could mend or a word of comfort I could send
But all my life you had been near and I always felt you  here
You are in my blood, graze the dreams that I send, you are my family not my friend
And even now, in the end…. I  still think of you….always  think of you.