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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Aces, 8's and Shallow Tables

Aces, 8's and Shallow Tables                      (prp 2011)
Could you have played my hand....
Without the guilt of deception nor an admission of relentless regret?
Trace the shape of my cheek with the finger of your heart
sense what you desire most within reach of my eyes?

This time,  would you gamble more than a childhood kiss?

If you held your heart of hearts,
dealt in random..... as play in your hand –
to share with spades and clubs ..... perhaps leaving a diamond
as a sparkle in a winter’s night sky…….

for the turn of the river.

Could you float until a new dawn?
with a bet, that hand for hand we would finally change the luck
And chase away the calculating and capricious cold chill of fate with
a check in the dark?

Was there inevitable fear of a lesson learned from the laydown?
You held Aces and 8's
I folded, we let the chips fall where they may
For I already knew there was no gamble
it is possible
to love only you............. for my whole lifetime.

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