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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blue Sky in a Child's eye.....

Lying on my back, the cool, damp of green grasses caresses my skin.
When the wind blows, there is a rustle and a tickle.
I smell the sun. I share my sky,
In my dreams it is always with you.
Blue Sky in a Child's eye

Each cloud aggregates, mutates and disintegrates,
Bunnies, birds and dinosaurs evolve
into new species of imagination,
A cladogenesis of new characters and emotions.
Blue sky in a child's eye.

I wonder where you are and if your sky reveals the same sights,
The air, like sounds
And if the sun smells the same.
Does the grass tickle you too, when the wind blows?
Butterflies and dandelions drift as plankton in the air.
Blue Sky in a Child’s eye.

(I miss you)  PRP  (from "Cross my Heart  2011)

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